Our Services
BC welding and fabrication
Offers both onsite and offsite welding and fabrication services.
With our onsite services, we bring the workshop and its capabilities to your location allowing for cost affective outcomes and efficient delivery.
Our offsite facility is used to a wide range of task including, jig work, low volume production. Pip fabrication handrail, balustrades.

Onsite welder or mobile welding

As a fully equipped mobile welding service, Best Choice Welding & Fab is flexible and convenient, wherever you need welding in Melbourne: onsite at your place or at our welding workshop in the inner south East Suburbs of Melbourne.



MIG welding



ARC Welding

TIG Welding

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Stainless Steel & aluminium welding

Oxy and acetylene

We specialize in:
- - - ARC WELDING - - -
- - - TIG WELDING - - -
- - - MIG WELDING - - -